Dear Friends

One of my passions is traveling to distant countries where my cameras always accompany me with different lenses and I like to capture special and beautiful moments with them.

In more than 10 years I have seen many beautiful and impressive places, partly with cruise and expedition ships, but also directly to selected countries in the world from Europe to the Arctic region, through Asia and the South Pacific.

In doing so, I realized that I have only seen a small part of this beautiful world and that there are still many places that you will probably never see.

In the past years I rediscovered an earlier hobby and built a flight and space simulator with the appropriate high-speed hardware. It's still great fun to fly around the world or whiz through space from time to time. You are welcome to visit my testing website where I try new ideas;

In the coming years I will focus on selected countries that I would like to see again. On my wish list are;

Iceland, Lanzarote, Greenland

... and a few more.

Sincerely your Pablo